Stick War Legacy Final Boss Giant

The Stick War Legacy Final Boss having the strength of three Griffon the Great, originated from the depths of No Man’s Land. It is also called The Boss and the Mega Giant among the community. You will encounter this boss giant in the last level of the game.

It is not easy to defeat it, but by knowing its abilities and weakness, you will be able to conquer the Last Stand. In this article, you will get to know your biggest enemy that you will find in the last mission of your game. 

Stick War Legacy Final Boss Giant and Golden Spearton

Make sure to note all its weaknesses so that you can kill him and conquer the lands of Inamorta. Let’s lead the army to victory!

Stick War Legacy Final Boss Giant
Final Boss in ‘Last Stand’

Appearance of Final Boss

  1. The Boss Giant has the same skull-like mask as the Magikill minion.
  2. Same as the regular Stick War Legacy Giant, it also uses the corpse of other giants as a weapon. 
  3. It looks bigger and more powerful than the other normal giants.  
  4. It uses the classic giant club.

Abilities of Stick War Legacy Final Boss Giant

The Stick War Legacy Final Boss has the ability to cause big earthquakes of greater range than other normal giants. These earthquakes can cause massive damage to the army of enemies, and it will be interesting to know that they can vanish all the Archidons in just one earthquake. 

Moreover, the Boss creates fractures by stamping their foot on the ground, which can destroy all the units attacking in its way. This ability shows that it is very hard for you to get near it. We recommend that you must plan a good attacking strategy before marching your army toward it.

The Final Boss of Stick war legacy has the power and capability of three Griffon the Greats on the Insane Mode. So, it is important to keep an eye on your resources and manage them efficiently throughout the battle.

Entry in the Stick War Legacy Last Stand Level 

The Last Stand is the final mission in the Stick War Legacy. The Stick War Legacy Final Giant appears only in this stage when the player destroys the enemy statue. That statue you see throughout the game becomes the boss giant in the end. 

This Giant is not much similar to the other regular ones but behaves like them. In appearance, they are bigger, having greater attacking power and damage capabilities. In a mission to kill him, the players take a lot of time and have to give great damage because it has a lot more health than others. The boss giant deal 244 damage to other giants in hard. Boss giant deal 288 damage in insane, giant deals more damage which is 360


While playing the game, many cutscenes will appear that will create the storyline more interesting. In this way, you will connect yourself to the stick figures world and explore the Stick War Legacy background. When the Boss Giant gets damaged fatally, the cutscene will start. 

Stick War Legacy Final Boss Giant

In the cutscene, the Final Boss will take pause and start breathing heavily. Then the Spearton, which is the only Atreyos considered in the game, starts marching towards the field and summons the line, ‘I will end this for the Order Empire ! ‘

Then the Boss throws the dead body that he was carrying. The player can skip the storyline by tapping. After tapping repeatedly, the Spearton says, ‘This Ends Now !’. As the Spearton shouts, he instantly throws his spear at the Giant. The Spearton kills the Stick War Legacy Boss, and it dies in pain. 

Effective Strategies to Defeat the Stick War Legacy Giant Final Boss

It has great powers, but there are some Stick War Legacy tips, tricks and strategies to defeat the Giant.

Attack From the Front and Stab it From Behind!

One of the best strategies is that you distract the Giant by using a user-controlled unit and then stab the Final Giant from behind. It is important to mention that the manually controlled units give more damage. 

By Controlling a Spearton

One way is that when the Giant is not facing you, throw the spear, which gives 800 damage per spear throw. 



Spearton madness: 1 

Archer rain:1


  • First, you have to get a Spearton and attack the enemy Spearton. 
  • Then keep head-butting him and kill the Swordwrath too. 
  • After that, you have to keep defending and get 17 Speartons,12 Archers and 4 Miners. 
  • When you have completed the training, you will see that The enemy would have a giant and 2 Magikills. Attack them with Archers. 
  • Dont defend until they have reinforced. As they reinforced, Spaerton madness them. 
  • You should get a Spearton when the Boss comes and put the rest to work defending, then get the Boss to 75% health and attack him. 
  • Then get another Spearton to go to the back of the Boss and throw the spear at him. The Boss should die soon. 

Tip 2

It is hard to beat Stick War Legacy Final Boss Giant without spells. So, here is one strategy;

You can have any skin, but Vamp Giant and Swordwrath and Lava Spearton and Ice Miner are recommended in this strategy.

Spells Required

  • Puncer Dead 10
  • Toxic Dead 10
  • Turret, if he reaches your base
  • Sparton Madness 3
  • Gold Spearton


  • Get Miners and one or two Speartons.
  • Then you have to produce a giant. After user-controlling your Giant, go to the enemy base and destroy as many resources of enemies as you can.
  • During the attack, keep spamming giants. 
  • If you have any gold after getting a giant, then use it on Spearton and Swordwrath. 
  • Keep doing this until the reinforcements come, then set your army to attack and produce Swordwrath, Spearton and Giants until the Final Giant comes. 
  • Then send your army to attack and summon Golden Spearton with Spearton Madness. 
  • Summon the Deads to distract and, during it, also poison and control the Gold Spearton.
  • Activate Madness and backstab it by Spearton. 
Final Boss vs Griffon the Great
Final Boss VS Griffon the Great

Tip 3

There is quite a strange method for beating Last Stand that many players tried and got successful. Let’s see how this strategy works.


  • Train 4 Swordwrath (preferably Lava Skin) to take care of the enemy Spearton and Swordwrath, and then User Control one of them to kill all the enemy Miners.
  • Keep attacking the enemy miners while you are training your army 4 Savage Skin Speartons, 8 Swordwrath behind the Speartons. 
  • Use Lava Skin Archidons, even though it may seem stupid. You’ll see why in a second.
  • The rest of your army shall only be the Miners that still generate gold and Archidons.
  •  Just attack. When the enemy reinforcements come, your army should be able to survive and destroy the enemy statue when it has become vulnerable again.
  • Your army should be able to get the Giant to low enough health that you can use your secret weapon: Archidon Damage Reflect. That’s why you want to use Lava Skin Archidons. 
  • The number of units the Giant will damage all at once will add up their damage taken to insane amounts, which will instantly burn the Giant to a crisp.
  • Upon enemy raids, just push them back with your current army while the user controls either a Swordwrath or a Spearton.
  • We hope this strategy will help you to kill the Stick War Legacy Final Boss.


It is not an easy mission to defeat the Stick War Legacy final Boss Gant. But with the right strategies and tactics, it is achievable. You can win the battle by finding its weaknesses, upgrading your Stick War Legacy skins, and utilizing tactical formations. We have shared some unique tips in the above article, which will help you to kill it and conquer the land of Order Empire. 

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1. How to beat the final Boss in stick war legacy?

There are several ways to beat the Final Boss. One way is by attacking it from the front and then stabbing it from behind by using a Spearton.

2. What is the biggest Giant in Stick War: Legacy?

Griffon the Great is the biggest unit in the game. It is also called the King of Giants.

3. Who is the king of Inamorta?

King Zarek is the King of Inamorta. It appears in Mission 26, 37, 44 and 62. 

4. Can Stick War Legacy Griffin the Great, kill the final Boss?

The Grifinn ( King of All Giants) on player control can defeat him easily. You just have to plan the right strategy to attack.