Stick War Legacy Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide 

The beginners often feel demotivated due to back-to-back defeats. So, here we have shared a few interesting Stick War Legacy tips, tricks and strategies for them. These pro tips would make you win any hard match. Stick war legacy is a popular strategy war game having an amazing background story. but the players sometimes get stuck and offended as the game proceeds.

Stick war legacy tips

The article covers all the strategies to attack and defend your bases from enemies. Moreover, the positioning of units and pro tips to upgrade them using gems are also shared. If you want to enjoy this game, download the Stick War Legacy mod apk from our site and lead your army to victory. Now, let’s talk about all the stick war legacy tips to conquer the stick world.

Things To Consider While Playing the Game for Beginners

Here are some important things for beginners to consider while playing Stick War Legacy.

Stick War Legacy Key Objectives

While playing this game, your main objectives are to build and expand your stickmen army. You have to fight against zombies and monsters to increase your level. As the game proceeds, you must gather the resources to upgrade your units and unlock new abilities. These upgrades strengthen your army to win against zombies and monsters. 

Watching Ads Gives you Extra Gems

Do you want to know an exciting shortcut for increasing your gems? Here it is that watching ads can give you extra ten gems every time. However, this option only comes when playing with your internet connection. Otherwise, you won’t be able to collect free gems.

Maintain a Balance Mix of Units

A pro gamer would always plan a strategy before every battle. The best one is that you should create a balanced formation of units. The melee units should be placed in the front and the ranged fighters at the back. In this position, the front fighters will absorb maximum damage as they can. Meanwhile, the ranged fighter can deal with the army from a distance.  

Be Resilient

The main value that a gamer should have while playing a strategy game is that the player should be resilient. He should not quit soon after one or two defeats. So, remember that you will learn gradually and don’t get too stressed about winning each match. First, gain experience, then learn. Eventually, you will grow.

Stick war legacy tips and tricks

Best Tips and Strategies for Combat

Here are a few interesting combat strategies that might be helpful for you to win a hard-level match. Let’s dive into them; 

– Collect as Many Gold As You Can 

The gold is necessary to upgrade all the units and powerful Stick War Legacy skins. At the start of the game, a player must make gold his priority. For this, you have to create more miners. The miners are the only way to collect gold. Moreover, You should start upgrading your units as much as possible when you get the gold. Make sure they are protected from enemies during the mining process.

– Study Your Enemy 

A pro player always analyzes his enemies first. Focus on their positions and watch how they protect their statue. After that, you can train and position your units on the battlefield. Also, keep an eye on your base. You have to defend your base too.

– Wait For The Right Moment

Train your units first and create at least 20 units before attacking your enemies. Don’t attack instantly if your base is weak. While fighting, you must be conscious of that, at which point you have to retreat and attack. Don’t be afraid to back off if you observe that your units are being destroyed. 

– Correctly Distribute the Gold

It is necessary to maintain a balance between unit production and mining gold. It is tempting to spend all the gold on the production of units. However, you will be out of resources if your miners are attacked. To save yourself from the lack of resources problem, you must allocate more gold towards the defensive structure in case of a heavy enemy attack. This is the most effective strategy among other stick war legacy tips.

At the beginning of the game, you can focus on unit production and mining, but as the game proceeds, you should allocate your gold to upgrade your skins and weapons. During the game, you can also encounter some enemy-controlled gold mines. You can capture them to increase your gold sources.


The players and the enemies are separated by strong barricades in the field. To get closer to the enemies, you have to destroy barricades in the stick war series. The advantage you can take from the barricades is that you start focusing on the defense when the enemy is busy destroying them. You will get a good amount of time during this.

Stick war legacy tips and tricks

How to strengthen a unit in Stick War Legacy?

The gold can be used to increase the health, attack speed, and attack damage of the units. Besides this, the units level up experience through battles. Just keep your units alive in the fight and retreat if they get more damage. Recently, the new system of unit improvement has also included unlocking new abilities.

Stick War Legacy Tips to Complete the Weekly Missions

The players can play weekly missions only after completing the 6th level of the story campaign. The developers recently introduced this new mode and made it interesting by adding two new levels. Moreover, there are certain conditions in the matches that will refrain players from using a lot of units. 

From level 1 to 190, there will be different targets and terms to complete the match. In these levels, you will have to destroy the statue of the enemy mostly. However, the conditions will vary. Follow the requirements of each level and proceed. Only after acquiring 100 gems will beginners be able to pass the previous levels

Sometimes you have to survive till dawn, defeat an army of swordsmen or survive the sunset attacks. Stay resilient, and don’t panic. At the end of each level, you will be rewarded with a crown. The crown’s color will be according to the difficulty of the level you have completed.

Stick War Legacy Tips for Destroying the Dead

 The zombie mode is an all-time favorite for many war game players. If you want to fight against the army of zombies, this mode is made for you. In this mode, the effective stick war legacy tip to win this mode is to try to hold the army till the morning. The dead only attack at night time. 

Make sure to live as many nights as you can. After selecting the difficulty level, start the mode. Till now, the record of most nights surviving among the stick war legacy community is one hundred and thirty-one. 

Use the healing spells to train your army because the health of your units will not be restored in the next match. Moreover, keep the zombies away from the statue and don’t create more than two miners in the beginning. 

Final Verdict

These were some stick war legacy tips that will make it easier for you to understand the winning tactics of the game. Stick war legacy has a very competitive community, and friends challenge each other to see who will achieve more. You can follow these key points to increase your achievement points. You can share more interesting strategies in the comment section below.

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1. When should I go on the attack in Stick War Legacy?

You should only attack if you have trained at least 20 of your units. The defense of your base is also important, so don’t neglect it. If your units are taking more damage, then retreat and stop attacking.

2. How to beat the endless dead?

The endless dead can only attack at night. Try to hold them till the morning and get as much gold as possible. Make gold your priority. The more gold you will have, the more you can upgrade the skins for your units.

3. What is the easiest Stick War Legacy tip to get more gems?

You can get more gems by opening the chests from the store. There is one more way if you are playing the game with an internet connection. Watch the ads after completing each level and collect the gems.

4. What are the stick war legacy tips to get the most powerful skin?

The lava skin is the most powerful skin among other skins in the game. You have to purchase it for 1500 gems per unit.

5. What are the best stick war legacy tips?

The best stick war legacy tip is to defend your troops first and then control a Swordwrath. You can then use the jump attack while harming them since they still attack very slowly.

6. What is the hardest mission of the Stick War Legacy?

Gamers find attacking the Magikills the toughest mission in the game. To win against it, go through our article. Here we have discussed all stick war legacy tips for you.