Stick War Legacy Background & Story

The Stick War Legacy background revolves around the stick figures’ conflicts between different nations. The stickmen war games have been a part of popular culture for a long time. In the stick war universe, you live in a world of Inamorta and fight to defend yourself from other nations.

Stick War Legacy Background

It is a popular strategy game in which players build their army of stickmen and fight wars against monsters, zombies and giants. The game has developed a large community with millions of downloads worldwide.

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This article will delve into the captivating storyline of the Stick War series, providing an overview of the main plot and highlighting key characters and events. Whether you’re a fan of the game or simply curious about Stick War Legacy background, this article will take you on an exciting journey through the world of Stick War.

Inamorta Stick War Legacy Background


In the Stick War series, Inamorta is a fictional continent inhabited by stick figures, each with its own unique characteristics and abilities. The story is connected, and Inamorta is present in Stick War, Stick War 2 Order Empire, Stick War Legacy, Stick War 3 and Stick Empires. Only southeast Inamorta was shown in the Stick War. 

The Rise of Order Empire

Order is an empire in the easternmost peninsula of Inamorta, and you are its leader. It is an empire which promotes peace and knowledge and is one of the smallest nations. Moreover, one more interesting fact about the Order empire is that in the series, it was the only nation which conquered Archidons, Swordwrath, Spearton and Magikill, and these nations are a part of the Order now. 

1. Archidons 

Archidons were the units which are specialized in archery. They lived in a country called Archidonis which was located near the Order.

Archidons Stick War Legacy Background

2. Swordwrath

Swordwraths are also called Swordmen. They are the units that are masters of sword fighting, 

Swordwrath Stick War Legacy Background

3. Spearton

Speartons were first present in the Spearton Empire, but after the fight against Chaos became part of the Order Empire. These elite units excel in spear combat.

Spearton Stick War Legacy Background
Magikill Stick War Legacy Background

4. Magikill

The Magikill Units are skilled in magic. They are also called Mages and are spellcasters of the empire. 

Stick War Legacy Background 

In the Stick War universe, you are surrounded by nations that fight against one another. To defend yourself, you have to keep fighting and attack first. Interestingly, each nation is not only devoted to its technology and strives for dominance but also has developed its own distinct method of conducting warfare. They take immense pride in their unique craftsmanship. 

All other nations worship weapons, and the Order doesn’t. This makes the other nations fight against the empire. Furthermore, the nations other than Orders firmly believe that their way of life is the only correct path and are fully committed to spreading their beliefs to other nations. 

Their leaders have a misconception and continue to attack the Order empire. Your only chance of defense is to take the initiative and attack first against each nation you encounter. In this strategy war game, you can acquire the best Stick War Legacy skins to win battles. Moreover, you have to achieve the enemy’s technologies along the way in order to protect your people. The stick war legacy background is interesting, and players can connect with the story in a short time.

How to Start the Stick War Journey?

When you run the game, some options will appear in which you have to do some settings and select your difficulty level. Then a notification box will pop up which will ask you to train a Miner. To control miners, You have to tap on them. Mine a bag of gold with the miner, and If you want to deselect it, you can do it by tapping the button at the top or double tapping off him.

Order Empire Stick War Legacy Background
Order Empire in Stick War Series

Meanwhile, train two clubmen, and after training, they will appear shortly. When they appear, you have to attack. You can swipe the screen sideways to view the enemy’s base. However, your main goal is to destroy the enemy statue to win. There are many Stick War Legacy tips to progress fast in this game.


This game provides players with an amazing experience of strategy war games. The captivating stick war legacy background does not let the gamers feel bored. It allows them to be part of the storyline and make decisions that shape the destiny of their stickmen army. You can download Stick war legacy for Ios or Android and start your stick war journey. 


1. Can I play the Stick War Legacy online with friends?

Yes, there is a multiplayer option in which you can invite your friends and random players from the community. This mode enables dedicated gamers to challenge their friends and showcase their skills.

2, Is the Stick War Legacy apk available for Android and IOS devices?

Yes, this game is available for both Android and Ios devices. You can also download Stick war legacy for PC by installing an emulator.

3. What is the story of Stick War?

The stick war series is based on the continent named Inamorta. There you are, the leader of an Order Empire. You have to defend yourself and attack other nations surrounding Inamorta.

4. Who are the royal siblings in Stick War: Legacy?

In Stick War Legacy, Atreyos and Kytchu are called the royal siblings. Atreyos is the leader of the Speartons in Stick War 3.

5. What is the last level in Stick War: Legacy?

The last level of the Stick War Legacy is called the ‘Last Stand’. In this level, the status becomes the boss, which you have to kill.