Stick War 2 Order Empire

If you love playing stickman war games, then you will definitely love this one. The Stick War 2 is one of the oldest stick-figured strategy games, which was published on December 3, 2012. This old stickman game is the second game in the canonical order of the Stick War series and, most importantly, the third game in the franchise. 

Stick War 2 Order Empire Feature Image
Name Stick War 2: Order Empire
Series no.03
Date of ReleaseDecember 3, 2012
PublishersJason Whitham and Brock White

This stick war game is so addictive because it comes with an extremely interesting storyline. The story starts with Stick War 1, when all the nations in Inamorta turned against the Order Empire, and continues in Stick War 2. The article on Stick War Legacy background depicts the whole storyline. After this version, Stick War 3, Stick Empires, and Stick War Legacy were released. The Stick Empires and 2nd version of Stick War follow the same GUI.  

This sequel to the immensely popular Stick War Series takes the gameplay and excitement to a whole new level. In this article, we will delve into the captivating world of Stick War 2 and explore its unique features, gameplay mechanics, and Stick War tips to win the battle of the Stickman empire. Also check and try Stick War Legacy Mod apk. So, gear up, and let’s know more about an immersive experience of the stick figure wars game. 

Sick War 2 Order Empire Gameplay


Jason Whitham and Brock White gave the concept of the Stick War series. Moreover, Brock White worked with MAX Games Studios to develop this game. The main aim of this series of wars is to defeat the nations of Inamorta and conquer the land of the Order Empire. You have to lead an army and train them to attack opponents for dominance. 

Modes & Difficulty Levels of Stick War 2

Likewise, Stick War 1, this version also offers the same difficulty levels. Normal, Hard, and Insane. But if you are a beginner and want to set the difficulty level manually, then you can do it in the settings. 

As you proceed in the game, the challenges increase, and the fights become intense. Every level will be more difficult than the previous. At the same time, the power of enemies to attack your base also increases. So, do not forget to defend your base. If the opponents reach your base and destroy it, your game will be over.

Sick War 2 Order Empire

In the Stick War Order Empire, there is an exciting campaign mode and an online mode. The new campaign is really fun to play. You just have to select the difficulty level and then start your match. Use your strategies and experience the Stickmen war experience. 

Gameplay Mechanics

You need to be good at both strategy and tactics in this game. The key to win each match is to stay cool-minded because if you rush without a genuine plan, then you might lose your battle. One wrong decision can change the course of the match. Remember to focus on the enemy’senemy’s statue. You have to destroy it to win the match.

To play this stick game, you just have to use the buttons available on the top of the screen. There you will find all the options to attack and move the units. One useful strategy is to let the enemies pass through the gates so that you can place your best units there. Secondly, use the archery masters that will help you fight in long range. Moreover, do not fear failures because you will learn more from the defeats. 

Instructions to Play Stick War Order Empire

You can play Stick War 2 Order Empire on It can only be played online. You have to manage and control the units, which are like stickman war drawings. In the stick wars series, The Stick War Legacy was the first game that had to be downloaded before playing and could be played in offline mode. The detailed strategies to win matches are explained in the article on Stick War Legacy tips.

Sick War 2 Order Empire
Sick War 2 Order Empire

The Stick War’s Community and Future Updates 

After Stick War 1, this strategy game gained great popularity. So, more versions were added to the series. The community is growing fast, and after the latest Stick War legacy updates, the tournament mode is the most loved feature of gamers. The Stick War discord is also very active nowadays, and on many other platforms, players challenge each other for matches.

The developers had been making continuous efforts to add more cool features so that their fans won’twon’t get bored while playing the same matches daily. In Stick War 1 and 2, you won’t see a lot of skins and modes. But, in the latest Stick War Legacy game of the series, you can explore amazing Stick War Legacy Skins. 

Sick War 2 Order Empire

There is the latest news which is circulating that Stick War Legacy 2 is going to be released. Let’s see what new we will get in it. The Stick Legacy War is available on mobile devices, so the mod developers have made changes for gaming enthusiasts. You can also try the Stick War Legacy mod apk to explore unique skins and stick war unblocked features.  


It’sIt’s a classic strategy Stick wars game in which you have to train the troops of Stickmen. Protect your kingdom in Stick War’s Order Empire and fight for dominance. Remember! Gold should be your priority because it is used to upgrade your skills and abilities. It was released on December 3, 2012 and its first installment Stick War 1, was published in 2009 on the official Stickpage. 

Sick War 2 Order Empire Map

It is interesting to know that the map of Inamorta in Stick War 2 is different from Stick War Legacy and Stick War 1. In this version, the map is brown in color. Now you can enjoy this old stick figure game and share your achievements with your friends after winning the battles. 


1. How can I play Stick War 2 2023?

You can play Stick War 2 online on the stickpage. All the controls are available on top of the screen. But you can not download it as it is only accessible on the Web browser.

2. Is there Stick War 3?

Yes, you can download stick war 3 from the Playstore. This version is available for Android and IOS.

3. How can you download Stick War 2 Order Empire on PC?

The Stick War 2 Download PC option is not available for this game. Anyhow, you can play it online on different online gaming platforms or the official stickpage.

4. When was Stick War 2 Order Empire released?

The Stick War 2: Order Empire was released on December 3, 2012. It is the third installment of the stick war series.