Stick War 1

Stick War Feature Image

Stick War is the first game of the series and the oldest stick figure war game on the internet. The latest is Stick War 3 which is sixth in the series. It is one of the best strategy games in which fans can’t stop playing until they beat the enemies. This game has a great adventurous storyline that engages the gamers fully in the game. 

Series No.01
Date of Release25 August, 2008
PublishersJason Whitham and Brock White

It was officially released on 25 August 2008 at 12:51 AM EDT by Jason Whithiam and published to Newgrounds and Stickpage. It is a very challenging and addictive game in which you have an army of Stick figures.

You can also play this game with everything unlocked. The mod developers have also released exciting mods, so you can also try the Stick War: Legacy mod apk.

Stick War 1 Gameplay

It is an online game, and the players are only able to play it with an internet connection. To access it, players had to open the official site on the browser and then continue playing it. The Stick War: Legacy was the first game in the series, which you have to download before playing it. 

You can train your army and conquer the land of Inamorta. Let’s look deeper at what interesting features this game has. 

Overview of Game

In the series, it was the foundation of the story in which there is a kingdom of Inamorta where you are the ruler of Order Empire. You have to fight against the other nations of Inamorta throughout the game, who struggle for dominance. To know more about the background, you can go through the article.

The Units

In the series, there are these four units that you will use to attack the enemies. These all are specialized in a unique ability. 

  • Archidons – Masters of Archery
  • Swordwrath – Masters of Sword Fighting
  • Magikill – Masters in Spellcasting
  • Speartons – Masters of Spear Combat

Levels Of Game

In this game, the player has the option to play in three levels of difficulty. 

  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Insane

The beginners can go for the normal mode in which the battles are not so intense. Then the hard level comes up with some additional challenges. The third and most difficult one is Insane mode. It is important to mention that the normal and hard level is available on any website provider, whereas the Insane mode is only available on the stickpage. 

Gameplay Mechanics and Building Your Stickman Army

In the series of War of Stickmen, you have to use your own strategy to train the units and attack the enemies. You have full control in building units, mining the Gold, and attacking other nations. The goal is to destroy the statue of the enemy and try to win all levels in order to proceed in the game. As you will keep winning the matches, the other missions and levels will get unlocked gradually. 

Instructions to Play 

You might be thinking about how to play this strategy game. It doesn’t require difficult controls to fight on the battlefield. You just have to click the buttons which are present at the top of the screen to manage your stick army. In the shop, you will find all the new units to use, and then you have to acquire them to attack the enemies. 

Stick War 1 Gameplay

When you will complete each mission, you will earn bonus points and gems that are required to upgrade your units. One tip is that keep your units safe and defend them as long as possible. Remember! Don’t attack until you have enough resources and your army is trained. The best time to fight is when your enemies are in attack mode and start marching their units towards you.

Graphics and Sound Design

The graphics made the gaming experience more amazing. This makes the players a part of this story and feels them the leader of their empire. The game’s soundtrack enhanced the excitement on the battlefield in stickman war games.

The graphics and sound quality plays a very important role in the gaming experience. Its minimalistic style and the Stickman war drawings were encouraged and loved by gamers at that time.  

Stick War Final Boss Ginat

According to the storyline, the boss giant formed a coalition with the other nations and made one goal to destroy Order Empire. The Boss Giant is the leader of the Giants Clan and the most powerful one. It acts like other normal Ginats but looks bigger than them. Killing the Final Boss is the target, and you will win the battle by killing it. 

Comparison With Other Stickmen Strategy Games

Compared to other strategy stick games, the series games provide a captivating experience of war. You have all control over the army and units. Moreover, in this series, you can explore and equip unique skins. Other stickmen strategy games do not have this amazing story. The player feels like the king of his empire in the world of Inamorta and has the freedom to lead his army to victory. 

The Community and Future Updates 

According to the research, this game has approximately 5,000,000 views till now. Out of this, 900.000 players have played it on Newgrounds and almost 4,000,000 on the Armor Games platform. It was a big hit, and after gaining popularity, other versions were also released. 

After the love and support for this game, this series’s first mobile game was released. This made the Stick Legacy War different and more enjoyable than others, as you can also play it in offline mode. This game was revolutionary in its time because the stick game community was just starting out.

The developers are releasing more interesting and unique features in this game, and the community is growing fast. In the future, more versions are expected to come, which will extend the storyline making it the best strategy game. 


It was a revolutionary game of its time as the trend of Stick figure games was rising. It was released in 2009 and is considered the oldest strategy game of Stickmen War and was played on a webpage. This stick war online game received great love from the community, and now its series is extended. Experience the action of Stick of War as you command your stickman army to victory on the battlefield.


1. When was Stick War released?

Its first version was released on 25 August 2009 on the Stick Page. It can only be played on web browsers.

2. Who is the King of Stick War?

In the series, King Zarek is the king. It is a Stick figure unit that belongs to Order Empire and is also called King of Inamorta.

3. Who created the Stick War game?

It was created by Jason Whitham. This was only accessible and played on the official webpage.

6. Can I customize my stickman army in Stick Wars?

It allows only limited customization options for your stickman units, such as changing their appearance and equipment.